Sexy, Drunk Girls Flashing Their Tits and Ass on the Lake. Naked, Topless or wearing only a Thong on the Water. Boobs getting fondled and Nipples getting Sucked.

Sexy, Drunk Girls Flashing Their Tits and Ass on the Lake. Showing off Naked in Public. Boobs getting fondled and Nipples getting Sucked. Naked girls playing in the water and playing with each other on the boat. See these girls pull their thong away to flash their pussy. Some girls just go topless, wearing nothing but a thong. These girls love to tan their tit and ass on the party lake.

Here are some great Lake Party Hot Spots:

Holiday Isle sandbar, Islamorada, FL 
Harmon Creek Party Cove, Lake Cumberland, KY

Big Muscamoot Bay, Lake Saint Clair, MI
Big Island, Lake Minnetonka, MN


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Flashing tits

Flashing tits is the quick and temporary display of the tits by a woman. Flashing tits is often performed by girlfriends and wives during the presence of their male partner or more. It is typically done by her pulling her top up for a few seconds given that she is braless under her top. Additionally she might pull her bra up or down (if she is wearing a bra). Flashing tits is usually combined with a huge grin on her face.

The fun of flashing tits is independent of her breast size and has been observed on the whole scale from micro tits to big knockers. Is not required to fully expose her tits in order to flash tits. Also allowing a partial sideblouse-view is considered tit flashing. Flashing tits happens everywhere: From private places like home to all kind of public places, while driving car or while on a cruise.